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Unlock the Power of Your Data Through Digital Transformation

Unlock the Power of Your Data Through Digital Transformation

Modern business is driven by data. Companies use data to help them make smarter, more informed decisions. But what if you have key information that isn’t easily accessible? Paper records such as delivery slips, invoices and even hiring practices can hold valuable data that you can’t currently harness due to their format. By digitizing your records and processes, you can reveal the full potential of your information. Forbes explains, a digital transformation journey moves an organization from a process-defined world to a data-driven world.” Through digital transformation, you can unlock the power of your information and start making data-driven decisions.


What are the benefits of digital transformation?

By digitizing your records, you create a centralized archive for all of your information. This allows you to make better business decisions because it:

  • Increases the accessibility of your data. Data is easily retrievable, searchable, and sharable across departments.
  • Improves the accuracy of your data compared to data that is entered or reviewed manually.
  • Improves the speed of data collection, as it can be done in real-time.

Data that is more accessible, accurate, and timely will enable you to more effectively uncover trends and valuable insights. You may discover efficiencies that you did not know existed that could lead to cost savings, improved processes, or an enhanced customer experience.


Digital Transformation in Action: How Octacom Helped Lafarge Canada Improve their Proof of Delivery Document Process

Octacom worked with Lafarge Canada to find a better solution for management of their delivery tickets for proof of delivery. Lafarge Canada is one of the largest diversified suppliers of construction materials in Canada. They produce and sell cement, concrete and aggregates. Lafarge Aggregates supplies products for asphalt paving, and construction, precast solutions and pipe products.


Lafarge was faced with a very manual process that created an environment where tickets were difficult to manage. Lafarge Aggregates produce a large volume of delivery tickets - about a half million per year for their Greater Toronto plants. The nature of their business requires drivers to obtain a signature with each delivery of product, which then becomes the basis for their customer billings. Head office has the difficult task of ensuring all signed delivery tickets are received and easily accessible should they be required for proof of delivery purposes. Timely retrieval of signed ticket copies and visibility into the whereabouts of lost or misplaced tickets was becoming more and more challenging for Lafarge, creating additional labour for head office and unnecessary loss of revenue.


Octacom was chosen by Lafarge as their partner to create a cost-effective, efficient and secure solution to address their challenges. The solution selected involved the implementation of Octacom’s document imaging services and its Odiss™ software for Proof of Delivery Management Software:

1) Document Imaging Services

    • A POD is generated at the source then is transferred into SAP. This POD goes with the delivery vehicle to the delivery location.
    • Once the delivery has been made, the recipient signs the physical or digital POD, at which point the driver can upload it directly to Odiss™.
    • Alternatively the driver delivers the POD to the production unit to then be couriered to Octacom to be digitized and indexed by a combination of automated capture technologies, manual data entry and data file validation.

2) Odiss™ Document Management Software

    • The imaged documents are uploaded to Odiss™, which are accessed by Lafarge users for retrieval of signed delivery tickets. Since all tickets are searchable and accessible by finance and operations, the time required to provide back up for accounts receivable and audits is minimized.
    • Integration of Lafarge ERP data enables a daily business intelligence dashboard that provides instant information about missing tickets and the ability for Lafarge to identify and notify drivers that have neglected to submit tickets as proof of delivery.


With robust reporting and analytics, Lafarge now has a complete visibility that allows them to track, retrieve, monitor and report on all proof of delivery and ticket events. Through text message, Lafarge can notify drivers of missing tickets and provide a secure link where drivers can upload directly through the Odiss™ portal.

Managing hundreds of thousands of deliveries is no easy task but with the help of the Octacom Odiss™ solution for Proof of Delivery documents, Lafarge has transformed their proof of delivery process and achieved significant efficiencies. Not only has Lafarge realized substantial cost savings through the reduction of manual hours at both the plants and head office, they have also optimized their revenue stream through the reduction of days outstanding on invoice payments and the elimination of lost revenue due to missing tickets.

Octacom is a SOC 2, Type II Audited enterprise software and services company focused on document and data automation solutions, including automated data capture. Founded in 1976, Octacom specializes in accounts payable automation and automated invoice processing, among other digital / automated business process outsourcing services. 

If your organization is looking to learn more about our solutions and services, please contact us and we would be glad to help.


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