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Tailoring Odiss Document Management Software to Your Organization's Needs

Tailoring Odiss Document Management Software to Your Organization's Needs

Are you looking at document management software and frustrated with your options? Is it the limited functionality and customization of off-the-shelf software? Is it the concern of a lengthy time frame to implement the solution? Perhaps it is the assumption that the change in process would be expensive, with modifications that never achieve the desired result?  Whatever the challenge, Octacom can help.

Our Odiss™ Document Management Software is tailored to simplify and automate the way you manage, access and maintain your information.  It will change the way you interact with your customers and allow you to obtain operational efficiencies within your department by enhancing your business workflows.

Octacom`s solutions and services are developed for specific departmental or industry challenges. With no upfront capital investment for hardware and software and no user license fees, finding a better way to manage your documents and data may be easier than you think.

Odiss™ can be integrated with your organization’s ERP, ERM and Order Management platforms’ and can be set up to have your organization’s look and feel, logo and brand identity. Whether you have 10 users or 10,000 users, Octacom will provide an affordable package for your department or enterprise.

The software doesn’t just act as an archive of your company documents, but also offers features such as approval workflows, tracking of missing documents, and full audit and reporting capabilities.

Frequent Problems that are Easily Solved with Odiss™ Document Management Software:

diamond-colorA lack of protection in storing critical business documents

Using Odiss™, you can consolidate information in a secure cloud environment and continuously monitor all user activity with a complete audit trail of every login, search, view, download, annotate and email from the software. View this case study on how Estée Lauder uses Odiss™ to access HR and finance records.

Too much time spent searching for missing documents and associated data

With Odiss™ you can retrieve, by just a click of a button, any document from your desktop or mobile device. Information is now at your fingertips. View this case study on how VCNA uses Odiss™ to access accounts payable invoices, accounts receivable documents and delivery tickets.

Paper or email based workflows are cumbersome and time-consuming

Another unique and customizable feature Odiss™ has to offer is workflow management. Odiss™ provides clients with the ability to enter their documents into an automated process, whereby the image and data circulate to various members within an organization for approval, and the ability to add comments and notes that remain with the document through the entire process.

Filing cabinets are taking up too much office space

Having all your documents accessible in a private cloud environment reduces space taken up by your filing cabinets and ensures your office stays clutter free.

Convert your former storage space into revenue-producing space.

Octacom is a SOC 2, Type II Audited enterprise software and services company focused on document and data automation solutions, including automated data capture. Founded in 1976, Octacom specializes in accounts payable automation and automated invoice processing, among other digital / automated business process outsourcing services. 

If your organization is looking to learn more about our solutions and services, please contact us and we would be glad to help.


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